Miroslaw Magola Biography



Miroslaw Magola was born on May 29, 1958 in Gorzow Wielkopolski ( Gorzów Wielkopolski ), Poland; the youngest of three children. His fathers’ roots originate in Mongolia, his mother is of aristocratic blood of the Ciborowski clan. A tragic motorcycle accident when Miroslaw was two left him fatherless. His mother moved to different areas repeatedly after his death, finally settling down in 1972 in Sokoly ( Gmina Sokoły ), Wysokie Mazowieckie County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, in north-eastern Poland.


His young adult life was spent in a small provincial town where everyone knew each other. He became interested in religion and humanistic subjects. He was a bright student and his intelligence was quickly recognized. He was sent to Warsaw for his higher education where he became active in the student government. Here, he developed his political ideas, which were against the Soviet policies of the time.


After receiving his diploma, in Mechanical Engineering, from the Technikum Kolejowe of Warsaw he decided to pursue his interests in literature and humanistic studies at the University of Silesia.


By 1981 the political situation in Poland had grown dire, strikes and massive demonstrations brought the country to standstill. The puppets of Soviet Russia declared martial law. Miroslaw decided to stop his studies and partake in organizing actions against the communist regime in Dazing and Gdynia.


It was during that year that Miroslaw lost his mother and met his future wife, Malgorzata. They wed in 1983 and had a son, Mateusz, together in 1985.


In 1987 his political activities cause him to be incarcerated. Thanks to his connections with the underground opposition and through the hard work of Lech Walensa’s (and later Solidarity) lawyer Jacek Taylor, the representative of Amnesty International, Miroslaw was soon released from jail. Fearing for the safety of his family he is forced to flee the country.


Later in December 1987, he settled as a refugee in Munich with his family. In 2002 he became a naturalized German citizen.


After these turbulent times Miroslaw finds himself with time to pursue his humanistic interests at the Hochschule fur Politik. His philosophical interests are also pursued at the Higher School for Philosophy in Munich.


His intense interest in philosophy, religions and ancient cultures lead him travel the world. He spends time in China, India, Tibet,Middle East and on the African continent. This broad cultural horizon causes Miroslaw to search for universal truths. By 1992 he develops an interest in psychokinesis and the secrets of the human mind. Which he vigorously pursues with much success. He achieved minor celebrity status as Magnetic Man and was featured on television in many countries. In 2010 he was shown on "Stan Lee's Superhumans" television documentary, aired on the History and Discovery Channel.


He currently spends his time lecturing and helping others develop their powers. He is also an avid painter, the author of "Power of the Brain". He is currently working on his second book "An Altered State of Consciousness".


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